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Endeavour House

A different kind of office space


Endeavour House is a thriving centre for social change organisations in Canberra.

Our community offers a mix of tenants organisations involved in campaigning, community health services, business services, research and policy development, as well as local retailers.


Endeavour House holds a clear vision to become the platform for the Australian “Voice” of Social Change, which means:

  • Amplifying the voices of our community members and those wishing to effect positive social change at a National Policy level.

  • Creating awareness of issues and educating society to the facts that sit behind the reasons why change is necessary.

  • Allowing the external and building to become a canvas (or stage) for Voices to share their purpose.

  • Engage with storytelling, culture and the arts so that important messages resonate and are passed on.

  • Offer an alternative political commentary, through satire, and challenge, that is independent from vested interests.

  • Creating a Canberra icon that becomes known as a centre for good people, who do good work.



Community of purpose-driven organisations

Environmental performance goals

Close to Manuka cafes

24/7 Access

Lockable bike storage

15 minutes from Parliament House

Our Community.

Looking for a space?

Looking for a new office, or space to hold an event?

Contact us to see what is available.

1 Franklin Street

Manuka ACT 2603

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